The true meaning of a baby blanket

April 13, 2017

The true meaning of a baby blanket

The birth of a baby is a profound and marvelous experience. It marks the start of a journey for this beautiful and amazing human being. In those early moments of life, time seems to stand still and every second is enjoyed.

Before a baby is handed to their mother, the nurse tightly swaddles the infant into a cotton blanket in order to provide them the continued feeling of safety felt in the womb. The grandmother or other relative will cover the previous baby in a special baby blanket to keep the infant warm.

babyblanket cotton

This new baby blanket will cover the baby during its first weeks of sleep. It will travel with the baby anywhere they go and provide additional warmth when the baby is sleeping in the arms of their father. The blanket is close by when the baby starts exploring their surroundings. It provides a sense of familiarity, and as soon as the baby is on the move, the blanket becomes a comfortable place to sit.

As the child grows bigger, the blanket will provide a sense of security and become a part of their play often used to cover their favorite animals sharing the same comfort they received from the blanket. The blanket will also became a favorite spot for outdoor picnics.

Choosing a baby blanket is so much more than just randomly buying a textile. The blanket is thoughtfully and specially chosen with the gender and spirit of the baby in mind. It is carefully selected by its fabric and tactile quality, finding something soft but also durable. The blanket should be made from natural materials, because no chemicals should touch the baby. The mother will take good care of the blanket and save it as an artifact of the child’s upbringing so it should last this generation and age gracefully.

Often the blanket will be made for the new arrival by a relative with loving hands, an aunt who knitted it or a grandmother who thoughtfully stitched it. Just as the baby’s name is carefully chosen, the blanket will represent its parent’s values and aesthetic appreciations. In some cases, the blanket will look modernist or in other cases reflect specific traditions. The blanket becomes a small teaching in cultural background, helping the baby as they grow to fully understand their connection to their community.

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