Threads and Stories

Threads and Stories are dedicated to bringing you extraordinary textiles from around the world. These textiles either use techniques which are endangered or natural fibers of height quality. They often use natural dyes. These textiles demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and are a significant part of world cultural heritage.

I learned industrial weaving in Germany. It was very controversial because industrial textile production is working three shifts in the fibrous air. The dyes used are incredibly toxic and will end up in nearby rivers, and essential your communities ground water. Back then we did not think about these issues. We mostly produced cheap jacquard blankets with hunting scenes.

 A decade later I met my husband who comes from the southern part of Mexico. Through him, I became aware of the women who weave in rural Mexican communities. Textiles hear are an integral part of life. The patterns have ancient meanings. The also identify the carrier related to a particular community. The fibers connect to the land and the color come from the flowers along your wayside. 

I fell in love with old techniques, rare fibers, natural dyes and the communities who create them. In our world, we lost this connection to the things we carried on our skin and decorated our homes.

I'm hoping my work will contribute to a better understanding of textiles and their importance in preserving world cultural heritage and sustainability in producing them.

Marianne Guillen
San Francisco, April 2017

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