Brocade Pillow Red (Guatemala)

The K'iche weavers of Guatemala live around the beautiful Lake Atitlan and produce remarkable work. It is magnificent to see them in the morning light walking down the street in their richly patterned clothing. An ancient and royal sight. 
This cushion attests clearly to their world renown craftsmanship. The brocade embroidery which is woven into the cloth is simply gorgeous. A time-consuming process by which the pattern is laid into the fabric line by line. The cushion will be a timeless addition to your living room. 

Just as the remarkable Alpaca scarfs, brocade weaving is equally endangered. Simple by the amount of time it takes. By purchasing this product, you will help to preserve this skill and ensure the women can pass on the craft to the next generation. You will also demonstrate the value to the young generation who maybe otherwise tempted to pursue different carriers which are more profitable and seen as more mainstream modern. A sure sign of losing a valuable piece of cultural diversity. 

Image courtesy of AlejandroLinaresGarcia

Size: 16” x 16”,
Weight: 6oz
Color: Red
Material: Base fabric 100% cotton,
Brocade acrylic, Outside border acrylic

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