Illariy Scarf, Color & Lavender (Peru)

This masterly crafted scarf is handwoven by the Sonqo family in the high Andean community of Parobamba. Just like other indigenous families each style and array of the pattern allows you to identify in what a community the Weaver resides. When you observe the other products, you can see the subtle difference. Textiles in traditional communities are not just something you cloth yourself with; they are an integral part of your surrounding, the land where you are from, your culture and your heritage. Their contemporary making reaches all the way back to the traditions of the Inca.

This museum quality piece is handspun baby alpaca. Then the warp is created and thoughtfully transferred to the loom.  The color combination and pattern are carefully chosen and woven on a traditional waist loom. 

All together hours and hours a master weaver spends to create this magnificent piece. The timeless elegance of this scarf will make you adorn yourself. 

The Quechua word "illariy" that inspired these Master Weaver Scarves refers to the dawn of a new day. 

Size: 20 cm x 180 cm
Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca
Colors: Lavender, Tropical, Crimson, Charcoal
This Fair Trade scarf was purchased directly from the artisan. 

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