Pitusiray Alpaca Table Runner (Peru)

This gorgeous table runner is created by Quechua master weavers in the Cusco region on a waste loom.  This is a remarkable example of the pebble weave technique. You can see it in the white plain background. It is a math-based design which runs on twos and creates this tiny rhombus-like pattern. It allows the skilled weaver to create these astonishing intricacies. 

Woven by featured Master Weaver, Angela Milo Huallpa, from the high Andean community of Totora, the rich earth tones of this luxurious baby alpaca table runner come from the naturally occurring range of un-dyed alpaca fiber. The pallay (designs) of each runner are slightly different, reflecting the ever-changing inspirations of weaving, reflecting the natural environment, family stories, and the emotions of the weaver while working.


Size: 40 cm x 210 cm
Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca.
Color: Natural Alpaca, Black, White, and Browns

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