Totora Scarf (Peru)

This museums quality scarf is handwoven by weavers in the community of Totora, an indigenous community in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The scarf is finely handspun, using natural occurring colors of baby alpaca fibers. This piece is impossible to create on machines. The weaving technique is as old as the Inca, who's descended are today's creators.  It showcases the remarkable craftsmanship which has been handed down through generations within families and the community. 

These textiles are not just undescribable magnificent but also endangered. This scarf is indeed slow fashion. The wool needs to be gathered, prepared, handspun, the warp needs is created, the threads need have to carefully transferred to the loom, it will be handwoven on a traditional waste loom. After being woven it will need to be finished, the fringes need to secure, and the scarf is carefully ironed. 

These are many hours in a master weavers life. At the same time, children need to eat, and animals are taken care off. 

Buy buying the scarf you will not only acquire a piece of unsurpassable beauty, but you will also support the community allowing them to continue this work and support an endangered cultural heritage in weaving original clothing. 

Peru Inca Alpaca Weaving

Size: 20 cm x 180 cm
Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca
Colors: Onyx, Chestnut, Charcoal

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